How to play Legless Games


If you’re here, you clearly didn’t read the back of your pack.

Don’t worry though, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of the game in no time.


Once you’ve played the game a couple of times, you’ll know the rules off the back of your hand. It’s pretty easy, but you will need some friends to join you as it would be quite difficult to play alone, I’m afraid.


Shuffle your chosen Legless pack and turn the pack face down so you can’t see what is written on each card.

Take it in turns to go around your group and take the top card each time.

Either do the dare or have the number of drinks displayed on the top right of the card.

You can play the game slightly differently depending on how brave you are. The cup symbols can represent one shot or one sip of your drink.


Choose to do shots.

Or are you lame?

Probably lame.

Anyway…that’s basically it.


Good luck!


Your game choices:

  • Let’s Get Legless
  • Let’s Get Legless Part 2
  • Kinkies Get Legless
  • Families Get Legless


Coming soon…

  • Kinkies Get Legless Part 2
  • Girls Get Legless
  • Freshers Get Legless


Team favourites:

  • Ali - Let’s Get Legless
  • Lily - Let’s Get Legless Part 2
  • Tom - Kinkies Get Legless
  • Holly - Kinkies Get Legless
  • Adam - Let’s Get Legless Part 2


What’s your favourite pack?


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Written By: Holly Townsend 


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